0-4 Falls

South Shore Safe Communities 0-4 Falls Prevention Working Group

For more information on preventing falls for children and youth, visit the new Professional section of the Child Safety Link's Website at www.professional.childsafetylink.ca, or clink on the card below!

Who We Are: Membership in our working group is diverse. We have members from Child Safety Link, South Shore Regional Hospital, Public Health Services, South Shore Family Resource Association, Red Cross, and a volunteer community member.

Goal: To reduce the number of falls in children from 0-4 years, in Lunenburg and Queens Counties.

Accomplishments: This past year we have accomplished a great deal.

  • We have completed an evaluation for the "Baby Gates Program" and the results were very positive
  • We have received financial support from United Way for the purchase of additional baby gates for distribution
  • We continue to built strong relationships with our community partners
  • We continue to support the work of the South Shore Family Resource Association
  • We recently completed the piloting of "Eye Spy the Safety Fly", a curriculum that was developed, in conjunction with community partners, to address home safety for presechool children
  • We have been involved in community initiatives promoting falls prevention for youth 0-4 years of age
  • As members of this working group we continue to increase our own knowledge surrounding 0-4 falls prevention and injury prevention in general

Work in Progress: There are several things that we are presently working on. These are:

  • Continuing to work on securing partnerships
  • Continuing to reflect on our work plan
  • Updating our pamphlet and website
  • Moving forward with the "Baby Gates Program"
  • Moving forward with the "Eye Spy the Safety Fly Program"                 
  • Continuing to work in collaboration with South Shore Family Resource Association

0-4 Falls Safety Related Links:

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South Shore Family Resource Association: www.southshorefamilyresource.org

Updated October 28, 2013